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Updated: Woensdag, 11-Mrt-2020 16:36


PRICES: see table below
7 Nights minimum rental

Included: Rental, Basic Insurance, + 2 personal kits + 1 vehicle kit + free one way
+ USA: 200 miles/day or CANADA: 320 kms/day.

All local taxes, Insurance omnium with franchise (first own risk) of 1500 USD/CAD.
(can be reduced to "0" with insurance of 66 Euro (only through Wings 'n Wheels))'

Extra miles: USA: 0.35usd+tax Extra kilometers: CANADA:0.36 cad+tax
Availability: all reservation are on request, options not allowed.

Booking code: FXD - always on request.


New motor homes will be rolling off production lines, and shipping to our Atlanta (ATL), Minneapolis (MSP), or Toronto (YYZ) rental centers.
We hereby offer a select number of one-way specials to help facilitate relocations to rental stations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

As always, availability can change quickly. All relocation rentals will be confirmed on a request basis only. Please do NOT confirm a booking until you have an explicit positive reply from Cruise America International Reservation Department.
Departure Location Return Location Class Rate per day in Euro Depart On or After Arrive By Number Available
ATLANTA DENVER C19 113 12-Jun-2020 08-Jul-2020 2
ATLANTA DENVER C30 79 07-May-2020 30-May-2020 More Than 5
ATLANTA EVERETT (Seattl) C19 66 03-Apr-2020 02-May-2020 1
ATLANTA LAS VEGAS C25 62 04-Mar-2020 04-Apr-2020 More Than 5
ATLANTA LOS ANGELES C25 53 10-Mar-2020 07-Apr-2020 3
ATLANTA NEW YORK C30 66 14-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 3
ATLANTA PHOENIX C25 62 04-Mar-2020 04-Apr-2020 4
ATLANTA SAN DIEGO C19 53 04-Mar-2020 24-Mar-2020 1
MINNEAPOLIS DENVER C25 66 08-May-2020 30-May-2020 4
MINNEAPOLIS EVERETT C25 66 07-May-2020 30-May-2020 More Than 5
MINNEAPOLIS SAN FRANCISCO C25 79 23-Apr-2020 21-May-2020 3
MINNEAPOLIS SAN FRANCISCO C30 62 17-Apr-2020 16-May-2020 More Than 5
MINNEAPOLIS SAN FRANCISCO C30 105 08-May-2020 06-Jun-2020 More Than 5
MINNEAPOLIS SALT LAKE CITY C25 70 06-May-2020 20-May-2020 More Than 5

Reservations: Email: Tel: 02 / 270.15.50

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